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Ask Headline: UK Zakat for UK Kids

Ask Title: ACS Zakat Appeal

Location: 10a Montagu Rd, London NW4 3ES, UK, United Kingdom

Purpose: Charity Donations

Registered Charity Number: 1121317

This is a Flexible (keep it all) Ask: your money will be kept even if the target amount is not reached by the deadline.

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Zakat funds to support Islamic Education in UK

In the UK many families would dearly love to send their children to an Islamic school but simply cannot afford to as they only earn enough for their basic home needs. This is amplified due to high cost of living and factors such distance to Islamic schools and such like.

Islamic school provide a vital resource to our communities and young people, nourishing them with a strong sense of identity, self-belief and conviction in their faith principles.

You can support young children in the UK in accessing Islamic education by giving your zakat to help grow strong Muslim future leaders. Many Ulema recommend zakat for education including in the UK e.g.

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Social Action: Help Provide Islamic Education

Type: Civil Society

Location: London, United Kingdom

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