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About Our Ask

Ask Headline: Ayeshas £1 Challenge

Ask Title: Ayeshas £1 Challenge

Location: 10a Montagu Rd, London NW4 3ES, UK, United Kingdom

Purpose: Charity Donations

Registered Charity Number: 1121317

This is a Flexible (keep it all) Ask: your money will be kept even if the target amount is not reached by the deadline.

Message User Amount
Anonymous on June 17, 2017 £75.00 + £18.75 Gift Aid
Badria Alb on June 08, 2017 £30.00 + £7.50 Gift Aid
Best of luck hitting the target. Abdul Khamkar on June 08, 2017 £20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid
Mahya Damigah on June 07, 2017 £20.00 + £5.00 Gift Aid
Gulshaba Khan on June 08, 2017 £20.00
Inshallah you reach your target Negena Rasekh on June 07, 2017 £10.00
Anonymous on June 08, 2017 £10.00
Anonymous on June 08, 2017 £5.00
I'm Alex - your brother Saman's mate - I think it is a great cause. Good luck Rahela Alex Melia on June 09, 2017 £5.00
Well done to everyone involved supporting such a worth cause. Best Wishes, Farzana Farzana Khan on June 12, 2017 £5.00
Wasim Riaz on May 31, 2017 £5.00 + £1.25 Gift Aid
Memoona Ahmed on June 06, 2017 £5.00
Anonymous on June 06, 2017 £5.00
Zareen Hasware on June 05, 2017 £5.00
Filsan Ugas on June 05, 2017 £5.00
Anonymous on June 20, 2017 £3.00
Nabilah Mukadam on June 05, 2017 £1.00

Ayesha Community School was set up with a vision to help the local community with educational an recreational needs. The school has been running successfully for the last 10 years with good GCSE and SATs results.

Recent change to the labour market have forced the costs of running the school to a level that is now too high and which will mean that the vision is now not possible.

You can help this cause and help the school in providing good quality education by donating just £1 (or any other amount) and recommending this to at least 4 friends.

Our Social Actions

Social Action: Help Provide Better Education

Type: Civil Society

Location: North West London, United Kingdom

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