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Welcome To Our World

A quick introduction to Re-Give → in 2 mins

Re-Give is the world’s first free personal and enterprise global platform for:

► Crowdfundingraise money and support others with it

► Crowdsourcingsecure and offer resources

► Crowd Commercebuy and sell products and services

► Payments | Remittancepay, send or receive money

We’re free to use and are open to everyone from anywhere in the world*. We don’t sell our users’ personal data or have ads on our site and apps, our costs are covered separately by those who, like us, want to make the world a better place for everyone (we’re a non-profit and non-commercial and are driven by social actions and impacts, but our users can use us for any lawful for-profit and commercial purpose) and we ► physically and independently verify ◄ everyone raising money through us. We have the potential to effect significant positive social, environmental and economic change across the world – at scale. This is Why

See video above or infographic below to learn more about us

Re-Give at a

► Still not sure you understand what Re-Give is all about?

You don’t need to. All that matters is what it can do for you. See examples…

Re-Give has a lot of options and features – isn’t this complicated and confusing?

Perhaps, but on the flipside, you can get a lot done through us – saving you precious time, energy, money and resources.

Think of us as a supermarket, rather than a shop selling just a few things or as an operating system that does a lot of things to make you more productive, rather than just an App that does just one thing.

It also helps to view Re-Give as a powerful engine that allows you to do many things, in many ways. You don’t need to fully understand how an engine works or all the ways it can be used. You just need to know what you can do with it for our own specific needs.

How Exactly Can I Use Re-Give?

You can support (with money and resources) verified people, businesses and organisations throughout the world who inspire you – and, inspire the global crowd to support you or those you are acting on behalf of (with money and resources).

► Just create an Ask (your request to the global crowd for something) to get started

► Or, browse the current Asks to see if anything catches your imagination

Our current range of services include personal, private, corporate, enterprise, non-profit (charity/NGO/social), governmental, venture, commercial, for-profit, etc:

Crowdfunding → Structured Giving

Crowdfunding → General Giving


Crowd Commerce | Online Marketplace

Zero Fee Online Payments, Transfers, Exchange and Remittance (Re-Pay)

► Join Us In Igniting The World’s Imagination

We invite you individuals, businesses and organisations from all over the world to harness the vast power of the global crowd to do well, whilst enriching society and to help shape its future. Together, with your help and support, we hope to achieve great things for the betterment of the world. Please therefore contribute your time, skills, expertise, assets, capital, resources – whatever you can, when you can – to help push Re-Give and the world forward:

  • Support us in whatever way you can, let us know how you can help
  • Enter The Re-Give Prize and make your mark on the world ► $10 Million top award | 166 Winners in each country ◄ Register Now and get notified about the entry submission date before the general public → get that extra head start and advantage
  • Earn money by promoting our users crowdfunding, crowdsourcing and crowd commerce Asks: Use RAMP Change Lives Get Paid

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Re-Give | Welcome To Our WorldRe-Give announces the launch of the world’s first free, non-profit, non-commercial,…

Posted by Re-Give on Tuesday, 25 August 2015

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Please bear in mind that…

* All services are free except where unavoidable third party fees (which we have no control over, e.g. bank charges) might apply and although we’re open to everyone from anywhere in the world, some services may be restricted due to applicable law.

We’re currently at the public beta stage so there will, inevitably, be some teething problems as we’re not at full functionality yet and not all of the features and services are fully operational or available to users. There may also be an initial lack of activity on the platform and certain things may look or behave differently than you might expect. If this happens, please don’t get annoyed. Instead, join us in the development journey by letting us know what you find so that we can fix it.

…and Remember

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