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Project EARTH

Make Your Mark On The World



Beautiful, majestic, mysterious.

There are so many of them around – but, we do actually need a whole lot more. Why?

Because more trees means a much healthier atmosphere – for everyone. And, if we had millions of more trees – together, they would absorb huge amounts of carbon, helping to slow global warming and climate change. Big claims for sure – but check here


To plant millions of trees, you need huge areas of land and lots of people to do the planting and this costs a lot of money. Some organisations are doing just this – but alongside what they are doing, we think there is another way of planting millions of trees without it costing so much.

► A Solution

Planting trees in large areas to create forests is essential. But, we can also plant individual trees in a wide range of diverse, suitable places in towns, cities and rural areas – all across the world.

Of course, due to practicality, we’re not going to go around doing this ourselves – but YOU can plant trees wherever you are.

Why would you do this?

Well, first of all – by planting trees, you help the planet and also get to do something that is both positive and practical and which could benefit everyone for decades to come.

One tree won’t make much difference – but if millions of people like you plant just one tree a year, we will have millions of new trees. And, if you all plant one tree a month for say the next 5 years, then we’re looking at hundreds of millions of new trees all over the world. Now THAT would surely make a difference.

How do you plant a tree? Which kind? Where do you get the seeds? Find out here

Oh, what’s in it for you?

Well, if helping to save humanity and the planet, reduce global warming, slow down climate change and create a much healthier atmosphere – for everyone, just isn’t enough for you….

We’ll give everyone who plants a tree an opportunity to be part of national and international prize draws and contests, with a vast range of high-value rewards and prizes on offer.

So, you’d be helping to save the world and maybe get something for yourself at the same time.

But, planting trees is so boring, where’s the fun in that?

Yes, we see your point. But, look – why not turn your tree planting into a really great social event – invite your friends, colleagues, family, etc. Have a barbecue or picnic, sing some songs, crack some jokes, dance some moves, recite some poetry, watch the kids enjoy the beauty of nature – use your imagination to make it a great (tree) party for everyone. And, film it all (with the participants consent) so that you can enter your video to win national or even global fame and acclaim – and also, some great prizes too.

Don’t want to film it? Take some photos. Don’t want to do that? Just quickly register your tree planting event and we’ll automatically enter it (plus any of your videos and photos) into all relevant prize draws and contests (you can opt out of these and just register the event for posterity).

How does this all work again?

It’s actually really very simple.

  • You find suitable tree planting spots (and get consent from the owner, if that’s not you)
  • You turn your tree planting into a wonderful social event – invite friends, have a (tree) party
  • You plant the tree (or as many as you want) – trees that bear edible fruit would be great
  • You give your tree a cool name
  • You make an entertaining and imaginative video of the whole event or take photos
  • You then upload your video or photos to (or just register your event at) and share these everywhere
  • People vote on your video or photos and you also get entered into national and international prize draws. If you win, that’s great. If you don’t, you at least had fun and made your mark on the world by planting some trees that will benefit you and others for many years to come


Lots of people need to plant trees to create a real, lasting impact – so, we encourage you to invite as many people (and groups, companies, organisations, etc) as you possibly can to do this by saying directly to them (in your videos, photos, tweets, FB posts, Instaposts, etc) something like:

“Jane Smith (or whoever it is), I’m officially inviting you and everyone else to ‘make your mark on the world’ by planting a tree, having a ball while doing it, inviting others to do this and registering your tree planting event at”

If they accept your invite, do their own tree planting event, invite others to do the same, and so on – we might end up with millions of new trees all over the world. How wonderful would that be?



By saving the planet, we save ourselves. You alone can’t make much difference just by planting a tree, but millions of others like you doing this at the same time, all over the world, can help to make the pivotal changes that saves the planet, thus saving us all. That’s your mark on the world.

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